How To Boost Conversions With Multi-Channel Marketing

Digital marketers from any internet marketing agency would agree that monitoring marketing activities is a huge task. With the vastness of digital marketing, there are a lot of data to analyze and prioritize. No matter what businesses and brands are there, increasing the conversion rate is at the forefront.

But as the business scenario is changing, and there is increased usage of the internet, consumers have become more informed. They no longer feed on promotional messages instead want to be in charge of their customer journey.

This has in return made it inevitable to promote brands across channels. Since consumers are scattered across the social media, to gain a more extensive outreach, it is a must to pitch the consumers where they like to hang out the most. It is the coming of the age of multi-channel marketing

Digital innovators from internet marketing agency Virginia Beach emphasizes the importance of making the online buying process as easy as possible for online customers. But before this, brands need to make themselves visible to their customer on as many social media platforms as they can. As per a report, over 72% of online consumers find it convenient to connect with a brand over multiple platforms.

So, let’s find out how businesses and brands boost their conversion by multi-channel marketing.

  1. Create Multiple Touchpoints

As per a study, it takes around 6 to 8 touches before the website visitor becomes an online buyer. If a brand is present over many digital and social media channels rather than just one, there are higher chances of converting a visitor into a sale. With retargeting advertisement, brands can curate customized ads for individual buyers. When these ads are exposed to the audience over multiple channels, they are more likely to make the purchase.

  1. Streamline Your Strategy to Align With Consumer’s Needs

Multi-channel marketing doesn’t mean that the brand has to be present on every single platform. What the brands need is to have a presence on multiple channels that function together so that consumers find it easier to navigate from one channel to another. By serving your brand to consumers through their favorite channel makes those more likely to buy from you.

  1. Make yourself visible to your Potential Customers for ROI

By propagating your brand over multiple channels, your brand would be visible to more and more people. With multiple channel marketing, expose yourself to an extensive social media network. But being present there where your consumers are is not enough.  You also need to make sure that they are engaging with you. A study in multi-channel marketing has shown that businesses and e-commerce brands that use visuals, display, social and other forms of marketing get 500% more ROI.

  1. Reach the Right People at the Right Time to Boost Sales by 27%

The consumers of today are more in control of what and how they spend their money. This has made it relatively difficult for brands to push them to buy a product. Since purchasing anything is a decision a consumer makes, brands need to validate their decision. It has become a must for brands to make their consumer feel right about their purchase choice.