Leased Lines


Leased lines fulfill the needs of organisations which require a broadband, permanent, “always on” fibre-optical circuit to connect their location directly to the Internet.  This would allow:

  • The highest inbound and outbound speeds available on the telecoms market
  • Access to the Internet from every machine on the organisation’s internal network
  • Hosting of the organisation’s web/mail servers, etc. on its own network. The primary benefits of hosting your own servers are twofold: the possibility of integrating a website with internal systems (for example stock availability/control databases on an E-Commerce site) and the possibility of managing your own equipment
    • If required these servers could be managed by Abel’s own system administration team
    • The option of hosting the organisation’s web/mail servers, etc. on Abel’s internal infrastructure is still available in this context – these servers would then be accessed over the leased line
    • Abel Internet’s web and mail servers could also be utilised in a leased line context as another alternative to using your own servers from any location