Network Design and Configuration

network design

Abel’s experienced Network Design and Configuration team can make your LAN or WAN more effective – thus allowing you to make best use of Internet technologies from Intranets, intrasite E-mail to voice technologies (VoIP).  Abel can network disparate office systems to create a more cost-effective, functional and seamless work environment. 

Through networking tasks and equipment, organisations can reduce costs and the time taken to perform tasks by sharing files and resources, such as printers, between workstations.  Central server based storage allows for easy backup of an organisation’s data and the reduced cost of a single backup system.  Use of E-mail within an organisation creates an internal messaging system which is also integrated with Abel Internet’s mail systems to provide external E-mail communications within the office. A single Internet connection can provide web access to all machines and a dial-in system can provide secure, remote access from home to company data. 

Firewall technology can also be implemented by Abel to ensure the utmost security for all levels of office networks.  Abel can implement network solutions across many operating systems.  We also specialise in multi-OS environments integrating file, printer, E-mail and web access across platforms.  For example:

  • MS Windows XP Server/Professional
  • MS Windows 2000 Server/Professional
  • MS Windows NT Server/Workstation
  • MS Windows 95/98/ME
  • Linux (SPARC, x86, Alpha. PowerPC, etc.)
  • Solaris
  • MacOS

Intranet technology can be used to disseminate information both within the organisation and between organisational units.  By publishing information on a private internal website an internal hypertext information base can be easily maintained.  The use of a standard web-browser on the network would be used in the same as with external Internet sites, ensuring cross-platform support and instant implementation on workstations.