How to Get The Most From a Managed IT Services Provider?

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In any business whether big or small, online retail store or brick and motor outlet, a service provider or good supplier, the technology runs at its core. As businesses from around the world are getting increasingly dependent on IT, hiring a managed service provider VA to outsource the company’s IT support needs is the best way to go about. The job of an MSP has evolved from being a subset of IT services to an integral part of a business’s environment. Its usage and acceptance have increased so much so that companies are using MSP as a part of their IT support to free themselves from the hassle of IT and focus more on generating revenue.

But to reap the optimum utility of an MSP, it is essential to form a healthy partnership with your network staffing Norfolk VA. Let’s take a look at how businesses of all kinds can make the most of their MSPs to ensure their business’s growth.

Resist the urge to bargain shop for managed IT services.Big corporations and small business alike are turning to MSPs for their IT expertise and letting them handle the complex support needs of IT. Many companies prefer having an agreement with their MSPs on the basis on fixed monthly or annual charges. Most of these companies are getting dependent on MSPs for services like network monitoring, cloud storage, data backup, CRM or email hosting. But with many IT firms providing Manage Service provider facility, there is an oversupply of IT professional in the IT market. This, in return, has made CIOs to bargain shop for managed services. But, if a business wishes to use the expertise of MSP optimally, CIOs should control the urge to bargain. Instead, choose an MSP that understands the needs and requirements of your business. Since tying hands with an MSP is a partnership, your partner should talk more about your gain from a business point of view rather technology.

Top MSPs extending their reach to meet demand
On the contrary to what most businesses think, use of MSP is not limited to IT infrastructure services. Most companies are looking for MSP that can provide some advance IT services like cloud management, BPO( business process outsourcing, IT application usage and management and much more. Besides these, there is a significant rise in the demand for service providers who can perform critical data analysis, IOT monitoring and business intelligence.

Partners, not replacements
Although companies depend on IT firms for IT service to support their business IT ecosystem, companies should look at MSPs as partners rather than replacement of their internal IT team. Most often, businesses still keep their internal IT staff even after hiring MSPs. To ensure optimal management of an IT infrastructure, most businesses use a mixed approach of utilizing MSPs and well as keeping their internal IT team. This also frees up the existing IT department for more strategic works.…

How to Approach Storage Optimization for Space- and Cost-Efficiency

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As per IT support consultants, most companies if not all rely upon a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to data storage. If you are one of them, you would soon realize that this approach doesn’t work for long and is not at all cost-effective. Companies who have not reanalyzed their computer storage solution in a long time are more likely to face data storage inefficiency. These businesses mostly concern regarding network performance, security or cost.

But how can businesses tackle these concerns? Read here to know:

Right-Sizing Data Storage
According to a report, data storage costs continue to go up for companies as IT maintenance budget. Data warehousing, emails, and other online communications on regular basis lead to the creation and accumulation of huge data.

Not all data businesses receive is of equal importance and in particular of any significance to your company. At many companies, they store data but seldom use it. These might not need the same high-performance managed IT services as the current inventory database. Here, the failure to segregate high-priority and low-priority data leads to performance, security and cost issues further pushing your business towards unnecessary expenses.

This seldom used data and information is what most IT consultants call as Dark Data. Shoveling these data into the storage system that the company uses to store everything else can lead to:

Cost: It could be the case that you might be paying too much for a high-performance storage solution for information that doesn’t require regular access. If you have data that are years old and seldom used, move it to the cloud of tier 2 storage. Doing so will give you easy access to the data while freeing your storage for other uses.

Security: Network security breach and data theft is the biggest concern for any business. If you are not regularly using a data, it doesn’t mean that cyber criminals can’t breach it. Identify the data you have and form an appropriate plan to keep it secure.

Performance: By keeping information that is highly required for regular access can help your storage network to perform well. You can ensure high speed and performance by freeing up your storage by moving data less needed to cloud support or less expensive storage medium.

Three Ways to Cut Storage Costs
Once you have prioritized your data, it would be easier for you to consider solutions for your storage needs.

Reduce data redundancy: Not many years ago, the primary objective for designing databases was to reduce repetition of data. With the fall in the storage prices, this objective saw a shift. But it is about time that businesses make it a priority to work towards the elimination of duplicate data.

Consolidate some data storage: It might be initially costlier for businesses to buy or lease a new high-capacity server but we evaluate the cost of maintaining multiple low-performance servers, it is still cheaper.

Consider different types of storage: Every storage system has different storage capacity and performance. Don’t refrain from testing widely available storage solutions for your business data. With technology becoming advanced, you can even go for a cloud storage solution for 360-degree use.…